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I thought I might share a quick review of the quality and durability of OnePlus phones, and how support handles request so people can know what to expect. I always loved OnePlus for their Oxygen OS but sadly it is the only good thing they have.

First time, I needed to contact support was 2 weeks after I got my phone, I had some network issues with call forwarding and the support took 3 months to get back to me and they did not solve the issue (call forwarding was working fine on my Iphone 7 and my Samsung S4 with the same Sim card), I gave up.

Second time was when my phone stopped working (still under warranty), the screen had a tiny scratch that was irrelevant to the issue and that I don’t even know how/when it happened as I generally took good care of the phone. I sent my phone to their scam technical center called CTDI, the technical support said they have to charge 200€ to repair the phone’s screen (that’s almost 40% of the price I paid for the phone! And more expensive than buying a OnePlus N100! A repair price that makes no sense at all!). What bothered me is the fact that the screen issue was irrelevant to the issue I was having yet they tried to force a sale!  Also they mentioned in their first E-email that when sending them the phone via UPS I have to make sure to protect the phone, which I did, I used bubble wrap. But when I refused their repair quote and asked them to return my device, they sent it back without any protection and they still formatted the device even though the issue was purely hardware and did not need a format (but well, the guys at CTDI are ignorant and format devices without thinking!)

Also they tried to frame that tiny scratch, from their report (I quote) they said the scratch “is visible at certain angle”. So OnePlus admit that all it takes to destroy their phones is one tiny scratch and consider it a “damaged” phone. Here is my Iphone 8 that still works after a bike accident (also my sister’s 5S survived after a car accident where the car itself did not even survive):

So obviously, iPhone devices are much more durable than those cheap OnePlus devices.

Just to give you a quick comparison of what a real customer support is, in 2016 my Iphone 6 fall from my hand on a Table (less than 50CM of height), when I contacted Apple, and explained the situation, they apologized and acknowledged that this is probably due to low quality/defective screen being used on my particular unit. The phone was out-of-warranty, yet they replaced it for free! I am not a huge fan of Apple. To be frank, I never liked their IOS nor their business practices, but I have to admit, when it comes to buying an expensive Iphone and to customer satisfaction you get what you pay for unlike Oneplus.

Overall, OnePlus offers good phones and a nice OS, but I would not personally recommend them, as they are very fragile, very expensive for what you get and not worth it (you pay 500$+ but get the level of support to expect from a 200$ phone). If you happen to have a oneplus device that needs repair, even if it is under warranty, they won’t fix it for you (specially in Europe if you have to deal with the dishonest CTDI repair center), so you better off fixing it on your own/at a 3rd party shop

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