CoSA: Cold Storage and Archival solution

status: ongoing (started 2022- Beta released)

A CMS solution aimed for cold storage model, where upload is free and open, but download may request a payment or a special request depending on each service provider. My solution allows to organize files with a clean hierarchy with labels, and folders. UI implemented with simplicity in mind.

  • Ability to import files from Drive, mega, torrent, etc
  • User can request to download files immediately or have files sent over to other servers, or cloud storage providers.

(live preview and full source code will be published once code review is done to check there are no bugs)

Dockerized collaborative platform

status: ongoing

The project makes it easier for system admins and companies/schools to put in place a full environment that allows the admins of the organization/establishment to host a website/blog to share content and announcements, a cloud service for file sharing and a rocketchat to allow communications. An ldap server is provided to store user login credentials. Each of these components is hosted inside its own docker container.

You simply need to run the installation script. The script will then prompt you for the main admin username, password and your domain. The script will then proceed to the creation of the containers (WordPress, nextcloud, Rocketchat, OpenID) and redirections will be handled thanks to nginx reverse proxy.

– WordPress CMS
– Nextcloud for filesharing
– Rocketchat to allow conversations between members
– Openid SSO to use 1 account across all services


Youkai Subs

status: completed

Website for Youkai Subtitles. The website is an archive for anime subtitle files.
– Based on WordPress CMS
– Adds-on/plugins written in php and Javascript.
– Modern and responsive design

(click on the project name for live preview)

Nodejs uploader with folder selection

status: completed

A node.js file uploader with basic authentication. it’s useful when you have multiple folders and you want to give the user the ability to select the destination folder instead of jailing them in a specific folder. Also, the script can restrict each user in a specific directory and its sub-directories in case you don’t want to show all folders to all users.

(click on the project name for github link)

Dennie, The personal assistant

Status: completed

A personal assistant online web app that gives you access to everything you might need in one single place instead of browsing 8 different websites.
– It can import your emails.
– you can use it to browse your Instagram.
– organize your events, create new, or add and import from google calendar.
– Listen to music and swipe your images.
– Follow the news (imported from the guardian)
– Play games!
– Access restricted to your online web app with your own username and password, it’s only for you, nobody else will be able to see your personal information.
(No live preview available )

LFCDG portal

Status: suspened

A Website designed  for Lycée Francais Charles de Gaulle Ankara. Back then, the school had  a simple system for grades and homework called Pronote”.

The website I designed was a complete All-in-One educational solution that gives students and teachers a Cloud filehosting service to transfer documents, videos, extra contents and files. Students can submit their work or post questions on each file when needed to ask the teacher for further explanation. The system had built in mailing capabilities.  there’s also an area where grades, homework, due dates for assignments and schedules are also available in order to keep students on track.

I started working on this project as a volunteer with the help of the school, however due to studies and to time constraints, finishing this project took forever and while I was working on it, the school had already found an alternative solution.

For the grades,schedules and assignments due dates we kept using Pronote, for the file submissions, filesharing service and the mailing capabilities, Google services were used (specifically : Google drive+ google Classroom+ gmail)

(live preview not available since the Backend for this project was never actually finished)


Status: Completed and delivered to user

A website for Ms. Marianne Chamma Science teacher in Lycée Inernational Nefertari Cairo, to share content with their students.

The website’s main goal is to share files and  scientific schemes for each chapter  with students.
(live preview available)

(live preview available)

kermesse Lin

Status: Completed and delivered to user

A website for charitable festival that took place in Lycee Nefertari.
The website had a countdown to keep visitors aware of the upcoming event.
Despite of just advertising the party, and receiving suggestions and ticket bookings, the main target was to show people who participated in this festival,how much funds were collected in order to support Magdi Yacoub Foundation.

(live preview no longer available)

Status: Completed, dead

Similar to SVT-Lin but for maths, it was created in 2011 served students for one year only.
The only difference is that the maths site had an option to submit files and send them to the teacher.
(live preview no longer available)

(live preview no longer available)


Status: coming soon

A wesbite for manga.

(live preview not yet available)

Other projects:

Status: completed

BrdigeDD plugin localization.
PHB-BBdr forum software localization.
E107 arabic translation (contributed to some modifications)