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Tl;dr: you can upload your data, you will never retrieve it.

Hubic is an online storage service, by the well-known OVH company. In case you don’t know, OVH is a French datacenter, providing servers, co-location services, and even internet access in France.

Since Hubic is a service provided by OVH, you might think it is going to be a good service. Their prices are so promising. only 5€/ month for 10 TB


I signed up for their service a couple of years ago. I used their web interface, their desktop app. I even tried 3rd apps like Swift Explorer and Expandrive . The results were just terrible.

The bandwidth per user is officially limited to 10Mbit/s (1 MByte/s) .  On top of that, you won’t even hit this number. Most of the time, the actual speed you will get will be about half of the promised speed.

I uploaded about 4 TB on their service during months, and It took me about 2 months to retrieve my data in order to migrate to another service. And I should mention, that I only retrieved most data, but I ended up abandoning a huge part of my data.

Also, I tried contacting their support several times, and they take a lot of time to respond. I contacted them a couple of times. The first time was by phone. I called OVH, and they simply told me that they do not provide support for Hubic, and I should contact Hubic directly, I also contacted them about the upload speed via twitter, they told me to send an email, and they din’t give a clear answer to my question on twitter. Link:
They responded later to my email with the following:


Dear Mr Bassiouny,

We apologize for the response time.

On hubiC, the bandwidth is limited to 10Mega (1000ko/s upload/download)
It is normal that you can not exceed this limit.

I remain available in case of any questions.

Best regards,



Now you know what the service looks like. It’s usable,maybe as an extra backup, or for archiving purposes. After all, it took a lot of time, but I still managed to get the data I needed. So simply when you think of it,you just get what you pay for.

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